Who Are We?

Established in 2020 by graduates from National University of Singapore, CBE Eco-Solutions Pte. Ltd. is a deep-tech company with patented technology, which was developed by our founders in Sembcorp-NUS Corporate Laboratory, a S$ 60 million research programme jointly invested by National Research Foundation (NRF), Sembcorp and NUS over a five-year period.

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CBE Eco-Solutions

We make Carbon for a Better Environment

CBE Eco-Solutions Pte. Ltd. provides sustainable solution to convert oil refinery carbon waste to value-added products by cost effective and environmentally friendly process.


Launching Product

Our Solutions


Double heavy metal adsorption capacity.

During a unique combination of physical and chemical activation process, the synergistic effects of pore enhancement and surface functionalization result in our product’s excellent adsorption capacity for both organic and inorganic pollutants, which will lead to lower operating cost for the waste water treatment process.


Lower material cost and lower level of toxic gas in exhaust gas.

Conventional methods use coal and biomass as raw materials for the production of activated carbon. Our production process is more cost effective as compared to using biomass as the raw material and more environmental friendly as compared to using coal as the raw material.

Energy efficient process and higher yield.

Our innovation is able to lower the activated temperature to less than 400  C, which is more energy efficient than conventional methods (>800  C). We are able to achieve significantly higher yield (>85%) as compared to conventional methods (<60%). Both energy efficient process and higher yield will attribute to higher profitability and make us a strong competitor in the market.







Scientific Advisor

Professor in Chemical Engineering, NUS

 260+ sci journal papers, 10000+ citations 

 10+ years experience in Energy & Environmental research

Yao Zhiyi

CEO & Co-founder  

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, NUS

 7 years experience in chemical process R&D

 Strong network in activated carbon industry

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Babu C.M.

CTO & Co-founder

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Anna University 

 8 years experience in carbon material synthesis

 Specializes in chemicals for environmental application

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Alvin Salim

COO & Co-founder


 3 years experience working as product manager

 Specializes in corporate strategy

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Wang Chi-Hwa

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Jack So

Venture Manager, NUS

 >10 years in business & venture creation



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