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Welcome to CBE Eco-Solutions

Carbon for a Better Environment

CBE Eco-Solutions Pte. Ltd. provides the world's first solution

to recycle toxic industrial carbon waste into high-value products

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Carbon soot is the second-leading cause of climate change after carbon dioxide, contributing to about 16% of global warming. Carbon soot mainly comes from incomplete combustion or gasification of coal, wood, biofuels and fossil fuels. Current treatment for carbon soot is burning and landfill.

CBE Eco-Solutions Pte Ltd is a deep-tech company that provides a double-sustainable solution to treat the carbon soot: 1) we recycle it into high-value products instead of burning and landfill; 2) our end products, porous nanocarbon and vanadium pentoxide, have broad energy and environmental applications.

Our Mission

Our mission is not only to solve the pressing environmental issues regarding the current disposal of industrial carbon waste, but also to address a missing element in the circular carbon waste economy.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to become a global leading company in circular carbon technologies, providing customized solutions to recycle all types of carbon wastes into advanced materials and chemicals.
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