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Carbon for a Better Environment

CBE Eco-Solutions Pte. Ltd. provides the world's first solution

to recycle toxic industrial carbon waste into high-value products

Current treatment of toxic industrial carbon waste: burning & landfill - GLOBAL ISSUE

Environmental Issues

Greenhouse gas emissions

Potential toxicity to the environment

Shortage of landfill site

Economic Issue

Millions of dollars gate fee paid for the current disposal


CBE Eco-Solutions Pte. Ltd. provides a double-sustainable solution to treat industrial carbon waste:

1. We recycle the carbon waste into high-value products instead of burning & landfill

2. Our products have broad energy & environmental applications 


Our Impact is not only to solve the pressing environmental issues regarding the current disposal of industrial carbon waste,

but also address a missing element in the circular carbon waste economy.

Our Mission is to revolutionize the handling of industrial carbon waste all over the world.

Our Vision is to become a global leading company in circular carbon technologies, providing customized solutions to recycle  

all types of carbon wastes into advanced materials and chemicals.

Our Solution